Mission: Maximize the effectiveness of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services by providing the best in technology and business practices
Information Services Building
RHS Information Services moved to their Service Road location in 2008.
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The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of many team members.
Information Services Training Room
RHS Information Services continues to seek and implement cutting edge technology throughout the division.

RHS IS Service Alerts

01/01/69 12:00 am - 06/30/17 12:00 pm
There will be an outage of all Ultratime systems hosted on RHS servers for all u ...
Updated: 06/23/17 10:17 am


September 15, 2011
The most current version of the ARF is on the divisional V: drive: V:\...
February 25, 2016
What are Microsoft Windows updates? Per Microsoft's website: "Updates are...
July 09, 2015
The Adobe Acrobat Reader (software for viewing .pdf files) is installed on all...

ITS Service Alerts

Many mobile app stores have an editor's choice section that spotlights the latest and greatest titles. However,...
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For a service provider, nothing can be more enlightening that experience the service we provide from a customers perspective.  It can be a real shock, especially for those who have honed their...