Here to There (or Being Great)

There are many factors that contribute to making an organization well run or EFFECTIVE. The IT industry in general is maturing. Yes, tools, software, and operating systems are all getting better. None of those would be useful if methodologies and practices don't evolve as well.

Meet Pat Mussell

Pat MussellOur student workers are an invaluable resource. They are knowledgeable, dedicated and are a great addition to the IS team.

What you say (Quality Assurance surveys)

We ask you questions when we complete and close a service request.  The questions asked, relating to the service request are:

What you said

We do surveys. We do a lot of surveys. Last year, we conducted a divsion-wide survey asking you to give us your opinion on a wide variety of things broken down by division, by discipline and by group. We learned some things from this survey.  First, you really appreciate our help desk and our help desk staff (I agree). Other findings:

Welcome to the new Residential and Hospitality Services Information Services web-site

This site is the culmination of much research and development by Information Services' Web Team manager Shellie Hubert and her team. We had a need in this division. We needed a way to quickly place content on the web, the content was to be created by several business units by persons who do not necessarily have a high level of web savvy.

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