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Service excellence

For a service provider, nothing can be more enlightening that experience the service we provide from a customers perspective.  It can be a real shock, especially for those who have honed their

This will be another big week

The network migration plan is proceeding.  While many early adopters have already joined the RHSNET Active Directory domain, this will be the first time users are automatically joined.

Augmented Reality & Toys

Electronic toys are sometimes the cause of technology innovation.  Game boxes typically have the most advanced CPU's available when they're released.  I recently noticed a model airplane

Augmented Computing / Augmented Reality

You can see more and more that computing technology has escaped the shackles of the desktop and become pervasive in other devices such as handhelds.  What has really accelerated things is the

Technology Evolution Part 2

It has been an interesting set of events.  I can say that no one could have predicated how things could have developed but all you have to do is see an old sci-fi movie, or read Isaac Asimov,

Technology Evolution

It is interesting to see incremental evolutionary change.  It is also interesting to see how easy it is to take for granted.  I still remember how amazing it was to be able to get maps, FOR FREE, on the internet.  Not only could you get maps for free, you could type in a beginning and ending location and it would give you turn by turn directions.

Network Services Events

The RHS Network Migration project is starting to gain momentum and finally ready to yield visible results.

The Daily DOSE

Melanie Parish has been doing a fantastic job of managing and producing the "Daily D.O.S.E" for Information Services.  The Daily D.O.S.E.

Office 2007 Upgrade

Microsoft Office 2007 is coming.  As you may know, we have a variety of different versions being used by people.  We are now going to move everyone to 2007 and this is long overdue. 

The Technology We Take For Granted

I recently heard a story on the radio about a new drug that can help stroke victims. If administered within 3 hours of an attack, the drug t-PA can save the victim or can help the victim recover without permanent damage. The radio story was about a 49 year old woman who experienced her father’s debilitating stroke and knew where to go for specialized care.

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