LMS: Learning Management System

Frequently Asked Questions for the RHS - LMS (Learning Managment System) - powered by Skillsoft's elevateU.

The LMS is a website and online tool for independent study and training for employees of the division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS).  The system utilizes short video segments to convey training material and brief quizzes to assess understanding.  Click this link for a quick start guide:


LMS: What are the computer requirements?

elevateU works with most browsers and most computers, laptops and tablets (yes, including ipads).

However, it is not compatible with smart phones.



LMS: Can I use my Macintosh computer or device to complete LMS Training?

Yes, the new RHS Learning Managment System does work with Apple computers, laptops and ipads.


LMS: How do I change my password?

The elevateU system uses your MSU NetID and password for logging in. This is the same password you use to register for MSU classes or to access the Enterprise Business System (EBS).

Note: your NetID must be activated and you must be officially hired by RHS for your login to work.

For more information about your NetID and password, visit: https://netid.msu.edu/


LMS: How do I exit a course when I am done or if need to take a break from training.

In elevateU,  RHS Compliance courses are grouped together in a Learning Program.  

Log into the system and access your courses as described in this Quick Start Guide.

When you first launch a course, it will open in a separate player window.  If you need to exit the course at any time, make sure you use the x button WITHIN the player, not the outer X for the browser window. Following these steps will make sure that your progress is saved or "bookmarked".

The next time you log into elevateU and launch that course, you will be given the option to RETURN to BOOKMARK.


LMS: How do I get to the LMS?

Please see the LMS Quick Start Guide (click here) for screen shots and information on logging in.  

To access the login page directly, go to:


LMS: How do I give feedback about the course content?

Email your feedback to LMSAdmin@rhs.msu.edu. One of the Learning Management System project team members from RHS Health and Safety, RHS Human Resources or RHS Information Services will respond.

LMS: How do I navigate through the LMS system?

Please see the Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions.


Some course pages within elevateU will have items you can click to explore for more learning materials.

You can also click on Job Aides or other documents, which will open in separate windows. If you close those windows, be sure to look for the elevateU player window, which could get "hidden" behind other open windows.

When you complete the content of a course, click the CONTINUE COURSE button to see the TAKE COURSE TEST option.

If you are asked to "match" items to their target (answer), you will need to use your mouse and a drag and drop method.

To do this: Position your mouse pointer over an item in the left column. Press and hold the left-click button on your mouse, then drag the item to the matching target in the right column. Finally, release your mouse's left click button.

For multiple choice questions that occur during the course, watch for cues in in a gray text box, below and to the left of questions. It may be coaching you that there are multiple correct answers, by saying "click all that apply".

Questions on the course test, however, will only have one correct answer.

When you complete a course test, click the SEE TEST RESULTS button. This will display options to EXIT COURSE.

LMS: How do I print my certificate of curriculum completion?

Please see the "Completion & Site Specific Training" section of this Quick Start Guide.


LMS: How is the LMS organized?

Please see the "Accessing Compliance Courses" section of this Quick Start Guide.


LMS: How long will it take to complete my compliance training?

For Health and Safety compliance training it is taking approximately 3 hours for staff to complete all required courses in the curriculum.  There is no indication from the LMS home screen how long each module takes.  At any time, if an employee needs to exit a training module, they can exit using the X button within the elevateU Skillsoft player window.  When they log back into the LMS and launch the course in progress, they will have the option to “Return To Bookmark” which will take them back to where they left off.


LMS: I don’t appear to be a valid user in the LMS, what should I do?

RHS Full-time and student employees should be set up automatically as users in the LMS one day after they are official hired and ACTIVE in the MSU Enterprise Business System.  For a new hire, this is approximately 5-7 business days after their initial hiring paperwork is submitted.

New employees, once they are active in elevateU will receive a welcome email from the system as described in the "Before you begin" section of this Quick Start Guide.

REHS Staff that receive stipends or non-payroll compensation are not in the system. For example: Mentors, Resident Directors, Assistant Directors and OCAT Aids are not currently in the system.  The LMS project team is working toward integrating all RHS employees into the system in the future.  For now, if you fall into one of these categories, contact your supervisor.  Supervisors may Contact the RHS Health and Safety office for more information regarding compliance training procedures.


LMS: I don’t remember my password, what should I do?

The elevateU system uses your MSUNetID and password. (The same credentials used for MSU class registration and the Enterprise Business System-EBS). If you have questions about this password or single sign-on, visit:  https://netid.msu.edu/



LMS: I failed my a test repeatedly and now it says I am locked out of the test, what should I do?

After 7 attempts to pass a quiz, you will be locked out of that quiz.  This is so that your supervisor or the Health and Safety office can make sure to assist you with course content or answer any of your questions.  Please email LMSAdmin@rhs.msu.edu and explain what happened. An LMS Project team member will respond to your request as soon as possible.


LMS: What If I have technical difficulties completing my LMS training on my personal computer?

Make sure you are following all the steps described in the Quick Start Guide.

You may also want to try a different browser or a different computer, laptop or tablet.

If this still does not resolve your issue, refer to the answer for [LMS - What if I don’t have a computer…?] section for other options.


LMS: What accommodations are available for those with visual or hearing challenges?

VISUAL-For users with visual challenges, headphones are encouraged. You may also contact your supervisor to request an LMS helper for taking the course and quizzes.

COLORBLINDNESS-For employees with colorblindness, some color combinations used in the default scheme of LMS can present an issue. 

There is a 508 Compliant version of elevateU available that is accessible to screen readers and other "ease of use" devices.

Please email LMSAdmin@rhs.msu.edu for more information.



LMS: What if I don’t have a computer to complete LMS Training?

RHS Full-time staff should utilize RHS computers during regular work hours.  Computers provided for the Computer Access and Training (CAT) initiative are located in each building and can be used, in moderation, by full-time staff for LMS.  However, CAT computers are not to be used by student staff.  Care should be taken to make sure there are always some computers available for CAT users to conduct their university business.

Student staff may complete their compliance training outside of work hours on a personal computer or in a neighborhood MSU computer lab.  Computer lab hours are available on the web: http://tech.msu.edu/computerlabs/hours.php.

If you have an MSUnetID and password you can utilize a computer in a lab. Please note:

  • To login at the labs you will use your MSUnetID password,
  • Once you are on the computer you will browse to elevateU and login with that same MSU NetID and password.
  • You must turn audio down or take headphones with you so you don’t disturb other lab users.
  • Also, staff that monitor these labs do NOT support the RHS Learning Management System. 

If you have trouble in a lab, contact the RHS Information Service Help desk 8am-5pm Mon-Fri or log a service request.


LMS: What if I have attempted to login incorrectly too many times and am locked out?

After 5 incorrect login attempts your LMS account will become locked.  Please log a service request with RHS Information Services online at: http://is.rhs.msu.edu click SERVICE REQUEST.  You will be asked to enter your MSUnetID and password. Fill out the form indicating your trouble is with the LMS system and that you are locked out of login.  A service representative should respond to your request before the end of the next business day.

LMS: What is the LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. The LMS is a website which will serve as an online tool for independent study and training for employees of the division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS). The system utilizes short video segments to convey training material and brief quizzes to assess understanding. It is currently being utilized for RHS Health and Safety compliance training, replacing the traditional classroom and video training. A student version of the Celebrate State customer service program is also offered on the LMS. There are plans to develop additional content ranging from RHS Human Resources training to technological instruction and beyond. System features include: online sign-up for courses, email messaging to new users, email reminders to employees and supervisors when training is due or past due, training history of classes completed, and reporting for supervisors and HR managers. The LMS is brought to you by a collaborative effort of several RHS departments.

LMS: What resources are available to help me with the LMS?

Tutorial- a video tutorial is in development and coming soon. 

Quick Start Guide: A Quick Start guide is provided for an overview of the LMS.  A link to this guide is included with initial email notifications sent from the system.  You can also find it on the IS Website http://is.rhs.msu.edu, click on Training, LMS, and then click the link for the Quick Start Guide.

Your Supervisor: At any time, if you have questions, reach out to your supervisor.  They can assist your or put you in touch with the proper resources.

LMS: Why, as a new hire, do I have to complete my safety training before I start work?

RHS has a legal and moral responsibility to make sure you receive training in all safety and compliance areas before putting you on the job.  Some equipment or chemicals require training in handling and care.  Government regulatory agencies require that employees receive safety training before working and can demonstrate competence and understanding of the material presented.  For this reason, you will complete quizzes in the LMS.  These can help you and your supervisor identify areas that you have mastered or where you might need more coaching.