PASSWORDS: Click here for password related FAQs

Click here for password related FAQs.

Passwords: How do I change my Windows password?

To change your RHS password from an RHS computer, press the CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys simultaneously. Click CHANGE A PASSWORD. Type in your old password, then type in a new password and type the new password a second time to confirm it. Press ENTER.

You may also manage your password through the RHS Password Self-Service system.

For a complete guide (pdf) with step by step instructions and pictures, click here: RHS Password Self-Service User Guide

To be able to use the self-service password reset, you need to first register your RHS-Login-ID and set up two security questions.

Step 1 - How to Register

  • Right-click the registration instructions link to open a page in a new window:  Registration instructions
  • Follow all instructions.
  • When you have completed registration, you can return at any time to utilize the system.

Step 2 - How to Reset your RHS Password (If you have forgotten it)

  • If you have registered as described in step 1, in a web browser, go to  
  • Enter your first and/or last name and click SEARCH. If prompted, click on your name to select from available users.
  • Enter the characters you see on the screen and click NEXT.
  • You will be prompted with a security question, answer it (exactly as you did when you registered for this system), then click NEXT.
  • Choose and enter a new password, your new password must consist of:
    • At least 8 characters
    • At least one upper case letter
    • At least one number
    • Cannot be a password you have used before.
  • Confirm your new password by typing it again, the password must identically in both boxes.
  • Click NEXT.
  • If successful, you should see confirmation that your password has been reset.
  • If the reset was not successful you will need to start the process over and choose a different password.

Passwords: How do I sign up for RHS Password Self Service?

For a downloadable user guide with screen shots and step by step instructions click HERE

The RHS Password Self-Service system gives you the power to manage your RHS password using a website. While our Help Desk is open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this gives you round the clock control over your password. Once you are registered, you can return to the site to reset your account if it becomes locked from too many incorrect login attempts or change your settings.

Follow the steps, below, to register and set up your security questions. 

1)    In a web browser, go to:

2)    Enter your username and click OK. (username is the same as logon or NetID)

3)    You will be directed to a ”Quest One Password Manager Home page”.  Click on the “My Questions and Answers Profile” link.

4)    Type in the characters you see on the screen to verify that you are a human then click NEXT.

5)    Enter your RHS Windows password, when prompted, and click NEXT.

  • This is the password you use when you logon to an RHS computer.

6)    Designate two security questions with answers to complete sign up then click NEXT.

(For help on this step, see below.)

7)    You are all done!  Exit the system using the X in the upper right corner or you can click “Go to home page” to see all the functions available in the system.

At any time after registering you may return to to:

  • Reset your password if you have forgotten it.
  • Manage your code word and private questions.
  • Change your RHS Network Password.
  • Unlock your account (if it gets locked from too many failed login attempts).

Note: This system only deals with your RHS Windows password.  (Not the MSU NetID password.)  If you change your password in this system, you will still need to update it on any phone or ipad that you use for your email


If you have questions or need help with registration, please call the IS Help Desk at 517-353-1691 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).

Extra Help for step 6:

  • Your security questions may be used by the IS Help Desk to verify your identity if you ever call for assistance.
  • One of your security questions will be selected from a drop-down list.  Click on the question you wish to use then type an answer in the space provided.
  • The second security question is one you create.  Type any question you want and provide the answer.
  • Be sure to meet the requirements listed on the web page regarding question/answer minimum length and composition.
  • Answers are not case-sensitive, meaning capital or lower case letters can be used interchangeably. For example: If your question is “What is the name of your favorite pet?” and you answer “Rover”, when you use the system in the future, “Rover” or “rover” will both be acceptable answers.

Passwords: How do I use the RHS Password Self-Service System?

For a downloadable user guide with screen shots and step by step instructions click HERE

Alternately, you can find this guide by clicking Training, then Technology Guides, at the top of this website.

Passwords: What are the RHS Password Requirements

RHS Password Requirements:

  • At least 8 characters in length
  • Include at least: one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one number
  • Cannot reuse a previous password
  • Passwords expire and must be changed every 90 days

 Other Password-Related Information:

  • Never share your username or password with anyone -
    • Instead, submit an Access Request Form (ARF) to Information Services to properly request access / login for them.
  • Each time you change your password, be sure to enter your new password on any mobile device on which you are syncing email, calendar or contact information.
  • Technical support staff will never ask for your password via phone or email.
  • If you can't remember all your passwords, keep hints in a safe place, accessible only to you.
    • Never write down your complete username and password.
  • All RHS users must register for the password self-service system to manage their RHS Network login. For more information and registration instructions, please visit .

Passwords: Which password do I use for each specific system? -QuickRef Chart-

As an employee, you will receive an MSU NetID. This will be your login/username for all systems that you access. However, the password you use may depend on the specific system. The table, below, groups systems by the password you must use upon login: RHS (for RHS computer network), MSU (for MSU NetID) and Independent (unique to the system).   




  • Outlook Webmail Application
  • PeopleAdmin (Student, Temp and On-call Hiring System)
  • RHS Computers (Windows login)
  • RHS password self-service system


Note: The systems, below, no longer require separate login; your RHS password is automatically used when you launch them:

  • Food Service Suite (FSS)
  • Kinetic Conferencing System
  • MyRHS

To change this RHS Network password, press CTRL-ALT-DEL keys on an RHS computer then click Change a Password or visit

  • Digital Sign System
  • EBS (Enterprise Business System)
  • ElevateU (RHS Learning Management System)
  • MSU Mail
  • MSU Job Posting System -
  • RHS Student Hiring Site -
  • RHS Information Services Service Request system
  • MSU Google Docs
  • MSU Computer Labs or Library Computers
  • RMS (Residential Management System)
  • System I / Power 7 (Food Stores)

  To change your MSU NetID Password, open a web browser and go to: and click Change Password.





  • Blackboard Transact System
  • Sequoia Quadpoint (Point of Sale and transaction management)
    • Desktop Application
    • Web Application
  • SIS (Student Information System)
  • UltraTime Payroll and Scheduling

 Independent systems will have their own password change options. If you have questions, contact the system administrator or the IS Help Desk (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).