Troubleshooting Guide for Sequoia NCR Registers

Below, are a few symptoms and corresponding troubleshooting suggestions for common issues with the Sequoia NCR Registers.  If you have tried these steps and the problem has not resolved, have a supervisor log a service request with R&HS Information Services at . Please always report the RHS Asset Tag number (A00#### or A01####) of the device.


The Cash Drawer Won’t Open

The Cash Drawer Won’t Open.

  1. Check ALL cord connections.
    • The cash drawer gets its power from the printer.  Is the printer securely plugged into the “24V_USB” slot on the underside of the touch screen?  Are the 2 cords leading from this slot to the back of the printer securely in place?  Is the printer on and is its light green?  Does the printer have paper?
    • Is the cash drawer securely plugged into the back/bottom of the printer?
  2. After checking and re-securing all these connections, reboot the register to restart it.  Doing this may get the NCR to recognize that the printer and cash drawer are now plugged in and could resolve the issue.
  3. Login and touch MAKE SELECTION, DRAWER ADJUST and add 0 dollars to the drawer. See if the drawer opens.  If there is still a problem, use the SUP (supervisor) key to make sure the lock is turned to an open position, not locked completely. If all these steps fail to correct the problem, please log a service request.

The NCR takes a long time to boot in the morning and sometimes tells me to reboot it.

The NCR takes a long time to boot in the morning and sometimes tells me to reboot it.


  1. IMPORTANT: make sure that staff members do NOT turn the NCRs off overnight. 
    • Microsoft Windows Updates run automatically during the night.  These updates are changes to software that Microsoft deems necessary to protect the computer and make sure it functions properly.  If the NCR is off, it will not receive the update until it is turned on again.  An update may take a lot of time and require a reboot before the changes are effective.  The NCR should NOT be turned off during an update. 
  2. Give the NCR time.  If the NCR has just been turned on or rebooted, it may take up to 5 minutes to start and it will automatically open the Blackboard Register program.  Don’t rush it or double-tap the Bb Register icon in this situation.  Doing so will cause the NCR to try to open two or more instances of the register program and can “freeze” and confuse the NCR.  If this happens you will need to do your best to cancel out of the extra windows and open the Bb Register program properly.  Some times the only way to restore function is to reboot.


The key core to the cash drawer fell out or is missing

The key core to the cash drawer fell out or is missing.

Log a service request so we can arrange to have the key core replaced.  The cash drawer key cores are quite fragile.  Please use care when locking or unlocking these drawers and do not play or tamper with them.

The Touch Screen Flickers or the display goes black

The Touch Screen Flickers or the display goes black

Write down how it was behaving, when and for how long.  Have a supervisor log a service request to report this.  It is likely a problem that will have to be repaired by an NCR technician.


The Card Slot does not read many of the MSU ID cards

The Card Slot does not read many of the MSU ID cards. 

Swipe ID cards using a single, smooth motion from top down to bottom.  Do not swipe up and down repeatedly, as is a common practice. This will scratch the card and wear out the read-heads on the register.  Only use this up and down multi-swipe technique as a last resort for problematic cards. 
Use a magstripe cleaning card in the card slot on a monthly basis.  Swipe the cleaning card through the reader approximately 10 times to remove magnetic build up and dirt.  See “Supplies” section below for ordering information. 



The NCRs and the Protech registers both use the same 3 & 1/8 inch thermal receipt paper.

 It can be ordered through the following sources:

 MSU Stores - Item #14087200

 Office Max- Item # 06119381


Units may also want to invest in a magnetic stripe reader cleaning kit.

CardKleen - Cleaning Card Kit for magnetic strip card slot (MSU Stores Item #14010500)