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Augmented Computing / Augmented Reality

You can see more and more that computing technology has escaped the shackles of the desktop and become pervasive in other devices such as handhelds.  What has really accelerated things is the connectedness of these devices.  Where on it's own a device can only do so much, being able to connect to other sources of information makes them much more powerful.  Connectedness expands these devices' senosory inputs.

The possibilities are just beginning to explode.  For example, I recently spoke with Jeff Bonk who attended a conference where he saw a demonstration of a handheld computer that you can use to walk around a construction site and view a 'virtual blueprint' by holding the computer in front of the physical location you want to review.  This is possible because the device can tell by sensory inputs where you're pointing it and by being able to access a database of blueprints to which it can match the location.

Another example is 'reality goggles'.  Science fiction predicted this years ago where information appears before your eyes as you're looking at objects.  Do you remember Terminator?  Paired with image recognition technology, you can have instant access to reference information about the things you look at such as pricing or encyclopedia.  Think of how cool it will be to never worrry about forgetting someone's name.  Your glasses will tell you. :)