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Network Services Events

The RHS Network Migration project is starting to gain momentum and finally ready to yield visible results.

First, an introduction: Matthew Cain is the RHS IS Network Architect.  Matthew comes to us from the State of Michigan where he served in a similar capacity.  His role will be to lead the design of our network infrastructure, network services and operating practices.  Matthew's primary focus now is on managing the network migration and consolidation project.

It must be noted that much of the legwork has been completed by the network services team.  Ryan Finn did a fantastic job of creating a virtual infrastructure that will be the foundation for all our new servers.  Brian Pillar was instrumental in designing the Microsoft environment that will reside on those servers.  Gene Willacker was able to make sure those services were secure while ensuring we could still operate them as needed.  John Evans diligently kept services working on an aging infrastructure while the new one was constructed.  All this went on while we accomplished an overhaul of the network at Spartan Hospitality Group's Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center that culminated in a successful PCI-DSS audit completion (and a nomination for a national award!).  Paul Heberlein's project management and leadership were vital for these fantastic achievements.

Matthew Cain and Mark Waters are now conducting departmental meetings to plan the transfer of information from the old network to the new one.  Departmental representatives will also serve as knowledge experts and assist their department in adjusting to the new network.  They along with Mark Waters will collaborate on how best to organize information to make it easily accessible and most useful to you.

For more information about the migration project, please check our FAQ here: http://is.rhs.msu.edu/faqbook/outlook-windows-migration-project-faq