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E-Mail Scam Warning

RHS team members should be constantly on guard against phishing attacks or any emails where a sender asks you to provide passwords and other sensitive information.

If someone sends you an e-mail requesting that you provide personal information of this kind, you can assume that they are up to no good. Although MSU and RHS are able to limit many such e-mails, it is impossible to eliminate them completely.

Our general advice to everyone has been - do not reply to a phishing message, just DELETE it.

Please remember, no legitimate organization, including MSU, will EVER ask you to send a password or any other sensitive information through e-mail.

In the event you or someone you know did respond to a scam and provided the solicited information, it is important to act quickly to minimize any possible damage:

  1. Immediately change the account password
  2. Call the RHS Help Desk at 3-1691 if you need further assistance

To learn more about phishing emails please read MSU Knowledge Base article 4194.