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The Cash Drawer Won’t Open

The Cash Drawer Won’t Open.

  1. Check ALL cord connections.
    • The cash drawer gets its power from the printer.  Is the printer securely plugged into the “24V_USB” slot on the underside of the touch screen?  Are the 2 cords leading from this slot to the back of the printer securely in place?  Is the printer on and is its light green?  Does the printer have paper?
    • Is the cash drawer securely plugged into the back/bottom of the printer?
  2. After checking and re-securing all these connections, reboot the register to restart it.  Doing this may get the NCR to recognize that the printer and cash drawer are now plugged in and could resolve the issue.
  3. Login and touch MAKE SELECTION, DRAWER ADJUST and add 0 dollars to the drawer. See if the drawer opens.  If there is still a problem, use the SUP (supervisor) key to make sure the lock is turned to an open position, not locked completely. If all these steps fail to correct the problem, please log a service request.