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Creating a New Contact Group in Outlook

Creating a New Contact Group in Outlook

  1. Click "Contacts" in the lower left section of your Outlook client
  2. Right-click "Contacts" under "My Contacts," and choose "New Folder"
  3. Type in the name that you would like your Folder group to be called (this would be like the title of your personal address book in GroupWise)

4. The new Contact Group will appear in your group list on the left


Now you have to create the contact group itself under the new folder:

5. Right-click in the white space to the right (Make sure the folder you created is still selected on the left as in the above picture)
7. Name the Group the same as the contact folder you created ("Project Team Members," in this instance)


To add members to the new contact group:

Click the Add Members button in the top menu.

If the person you are adding is an RHS Outlook user or someone that exists in one of your Outlook address books,  choose from "ADDRESS BOOK," find their name in the box that appears (you may need to choose the appropriate address book from the list), and double click their name. Their name will appear next to the members list below. You may add as many people from the address book as you would like by continuing to find and double click names. Once you have finished adding contacts from inside the Outlook Address Book, click "OK" to return to the contact group.

If the person is someone not in the Outlook address books, click "ADD MEMBERS," then choose  the "New Email Contact" option. Enter the information you would like for that contact, then click "OK" to add them to your list.

After you have finished populating the list, click "SAVE AND CLOSE" (in the upper left corner)

You have now created your contact group and folder.