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E-Mail: How to remove @mail.hfs.msu.edu addresses from your Outlook Contacts


Although e-mails sent to @mail.hfs.msu.edu addresses are currently being auto-forwarded to the corresponding @rhs.msu.edu addresses, it is important to remove all references to the old GroupWise e-mail addresses from your Outlook contacts.  The autoforwarding will be turned off soon. Outlook automatically saves addresses you use, so if you ever sent an e-mail to the old format e-mail address, it may still be in your contacts.

How to search for and remove @mail.hfs.msu.edu addresses in your Outlook contacts:

1) Open the Outlook Client from your work computer (NOT webmail.rhs.msu.edu)

2) Click on "People" button, in lower left corner of the Outlook window.

3) Click on "Contacts- yourmsunetid@rhs.msu.edu" to select your contacts.

4) In the search box, located near the top left corner, enter mail.hfs.msu.edu and then click on the search icon (the magnifying glass next to the search box.)

5) After a short time, all contacts containing mail.hfs.msu.edu will appear.  Delete or edit each contact to remove all references to mail.hfs.msu.edu

Repeat steps 3)-5) for any other contact books you have listed, including any in shared mailboxes.