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E-Mail: Outlook Tips and How To's

  • How can I see the full headers of an e-mail?
    1. Double-click the message to open it in its own window.
    2. Click File, select the Info section, and click the Properties button.
    3. The full headers are shown in the "Internet Headers" box.
  • How can I edit my contact info in the global Outlook address book?
    1. Go to the RHS Outlook Web App: https://webmail.rhs.msu.edu
    2. Login using your RHS login credentials.
    3. At the upper right, click Options. From the list that appears, select See All Options.
    4. On the left, click on Account.
    5. Under the My Account section, click on Edit
    6. Edit your contact information.
      1. You will not be able to edit your name or e-mail address.
      2. You can edit your display name. The display name is what shows up in the addressbook when others search for you. Make sure it is what others would expect.
      3. You can edit your office location and your phone numbers.
    7. Click on Save (your edits will not be saved if you forget to click on Save)
    8. Sign out