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E-Mail: Where can I find training for Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Training 
Residential and Hospitality Services is getting ready to transition from Novell Groupwise to Microsoft Outlook
2010. As you get ready to switch, basic Outlook 2010 training is available as an online video through the share
drive, or as videos on youtube.com. To access the training that is on the share drive, you may launch the video from
your NAL window, or navigate to the file and launch it direcly from the following location:

S:/Training/Office 2010/Outlook 2010/GW_to_Outlook_2010/GW_to_Outlook_2010.html
(This is a large video file and will take a little bit to load in your browser)

If you wish to view the training videos on youtube.com, these are the links:

Outlook Training Pt 1 - Introduction

Outlook 2010 Basic Training Part 2 Find everyday commands

Outlook Training Pt 3 - Create and Send email

Outlook Training Pt 4 - Read and Reply to E-mail

Outlook Training Pt 5 - Print and Set Options

Outlook Training Pt 6 - Calendar

Outlook Training Pt 7 - Search and Find

Outlook Training Pt8 - Practice and review

Additional training is available through MSU’s lynda.com training videos:

  1. Access Lynda.com training through this link,http://lcttp.msu.edu/lynda/index.htm

  2. Click on “Go to lynda.com” then use your MSU NetID and password.

  3. Use the “Learn By” filter under the software drop down list, scroll down to Outlook 2010.

  4. You will have the following 5 courses available.
    -Migrating from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010
    -Outlook 2010: Effective Email Management
    -Outlook 2010 Essential Training
    -Outlook 2010 New Features
    -Outlook 2010: Real-World Projects