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Events: Roundtable

This FAQ area is for questions addressed at our IS Roundtable Events and the answers provided.

The roundtable is a lunch-time program  for RHS customers to meet and discuss technology topics with Information Services (IS) staff.  It is an opportunity for IS to connect with our customers, and for them to be heard.  

We strive for a casual, simple format.   We ask that attendees RSVP and submit questions in advance of each event.  We prepare answers to those questions and will have the appropriate staff members at the event for a panel discussion.

Have you ever secretly wondered who works at IS? (A bunch of control freaks with poor social skills? Or some amazing technological wizards?) Roundtable events are a chance to meet, greet and judge for yourself!

Food and beverages are provided, compliments of Information Services.

After the pre-submitted questions, if time allows, we will go “around the table” and encourage attendees to ask any questions they have related to technology. 

All questions are welcome.