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Forefront: SPAM Protection, and How to Use It

Forefront: SPAM protection, and how to use it:

RHS Outlook email messages pass through Forefront Online Protection for Microsoft, which will filter out many of your spam messages before they get to your inbox.

You will start to receive e-mails in your Outlook from your Forefront quarantine mailbox.

Within the e-mail, you should see the listing of any messages that have been quarantined. Forefront will then allow you to mark each message as safe, or ignore them from within the e-mail.

Any messages left in Forefront for 15 days will automatically be deleted.

You may also check Forefront whenever you need by visiting quarantine.messaging.microsoft.com, or by using the link under Favorites in Internet Explorer. It is within the RHS folder.

The password for Forefront is not the same as your other Microsoft login password; You will have to set it the first time, by clicking the “Need Your Password” Link and following the directions that are e-mailed to you.

Your user name is yournetid@rhs.msu.edu