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Home Drive Quotas: What do I need to know?

A size limit (quota) is enforced on the amount of digital storage space available in the “home drive” of each user of the RHS Computer Network. This limit is critical in allowing RHS Information Services to efficiently manage storage space and ensure daily backups of files. Please see the questions below for more information.

Note: CAT (Computer Access and Training) users are not affected by this quota as they do not have home drives

What is a home drive?

  • Your current home drive can be found by opening “My Computer” and going to V:\Home\[YourNetID]\
    • The home drive is where you should store files that are for your reference only.
    • If a file is to be shared by others in your division or department, you should store it in a divisional folder “V:\[category]\” or a departmental folder “V:\[department]\[category]\”.

What is a home drive quota?

  • It is a size limit placed on the amount of digital storage space folders available in your home drive for saving files and folders.

What are the limits on RHS Home Drives?

  • Full Time Team Members = 1,024MB (1GB)
  • All Other Team Members = 500MB

What happens if I reach or exceed the limit?

  • You will receive email notifications warning you when you are at 85% and 95% of your allowed space.
  • At 100%, the quota will be enforced and you will not be able to save files to your home drive.

How do I check my current space usage?

  • Go to “Start”, “My Computer”, double-click on “Share (V:)”, double-click on “Home”, right-click on the folder named for your NetID, and choose “Properties”.
  • Your current usage will be displayed next to SIZE.

How do I avoid exceeding my limit?

  • Delete any old or unnecessary files.
  • Move any files that should be on divisional or departmental share drives to an appropriate, new location.

What counts toward my quota?

  • Any files in your home drive and the contents of any subfolders.

When do quotas take effect?

  • As of Monday, February 3rd, 2014, quotas are in effect for all users.

Still have questions regarding quotas?

  • Additional questions can be directed to the RHS Information Services Help Desk.  Staff are available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm at 517-353-1691 or support@rhs.msu.edu.