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LAPTOPS & PROJECTORS: Related Questions

I am out of the Office and have my latop.  How do I access my RHS V: drive files?

To access your RHS share or home drive (v: drive) files, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network Connection. An RHS Information Services technician will need to install some software on your laptop.  Then you can use this technology guide to assist you in connecting. [Click here for VPN User Technology Guide]  After that, just open MY COMPUTER and you should see your V: drive.

Can I borrow a laptop or projector?

Yes, the RHS Information Services reception desk has a few laptops and projectors for loan.  Call 517-353-1694 to request one.  You must be an RHS Employee with a valid ID and describe your business need for the equipment.  If you need more than three laptops at a time, please complete an online service request.  Return to https://is.rhs.msu.edu/ and click Service Requests

Still have questions?

Call the RHS Help Desk, at 353-1691, if you have further questions or experience any trouble following the instructions on this page. 

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