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LMS: How do I navigate through the LMS system?

Please see the Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions.


Some course pages within elevateU will have items you can click to explore for more learning materials.

You can also click on Job Aides or other documents, which will open in separate windows. If you close those windows, be sure to look for the elevateU player window, which could get "hidden" behind other open windows.

When you complete the content of a course, click the CONTINUE COURSE button to see the TAKE COURSE TEST option.

If you are asked to "match" items to their target (answer), you will need to use your mouse and a drag and drop method.

To do this: Position your mouse pointer over an item in the left column. Press and hold the left-click button on your mouse, then drag the item to the matching target in the right column. Finally, release your mouse's left click button.

For multiple choice questions that occur during the course, watch for cues in in a gray text box, below and to the left of questions. It may be coaching you that there are multiple correct answers, by saying "click all that apply".

Questions on the course test, however, will only have one correct answer.

When you complete a course test, click the SEE TEST RESULTS button. This will display options to EXIT COURSE.