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MONITORS: Questions regarding monitors

How do I configure my computer for dual monitors?

If you have 2 monitors that are displaying the same screen (cloned screens) and you wish to change that, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the desktop and right click anywhere in an open space on the wallpaper (background)
  2. With your mouse pointer, hover over to 'Graphics Options' - 'Ouput To' - 'Extended Desktop'
  3. You should have 2 options displayed here, 'Monitor + Digital Display' and 'Digital Display + Monitor'
  4. Select the first option but if that reverses your desktop, simply select the other option

How do I get a second monitor?

In the spirit of fiscal responsibility, you must be able to demonstrate a business need for a second monitor.  If your job responsiblities require you to look at multiple large spreadsheets at one time, you would be a likely candidate.  Supervisor approval for the second monitor is required.  A service request can be submitted and RHS Information Services technicians will contact you to access whether they can add a second monitor easily or if changes to your computer will be needed.   Finally, the second monitor will be installed. 

I need more assistance, what should I do?

Please call the RHS Help Desk, at 353-1691, if you have further questions or experience any trouble following the instructions on this page.