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What do I need to do to prepare for the mailbox quotas?

It is recommended that you attempt to get your mailbox down to 750MB for Full Time and 75MB for all others, so that you will have free space for new e-mails.

Follow the below steps to begin cleaning up your mailbox. Once you have cleared out messages, close and re-open Outlook and check your mailbox size again to see the impact of your cleaning.

  • Sort your sent mail by date and begin to delete mail beyond a certain date (e.g., you may decide it is only beneficial to keep mail that you have sent in the past 6 months, so you can then delete any older than that.)
  • Go through your folders and delete messages that are no longer necessary.
  • Empty your trash bin
    • When you delete a message, it goes to the trash container. You must then right click “trash” and choose “Empty Trash” in order for the messages to be deleted and not count towards your quota.
  • Remember: it is not just the quantity of messages, but also the size of each e-mail that is an issue. E-mails with large attachments (some .pdf or .ppt presentations, etc.) will take up much more space. Save the attachment to a folder on your network drive and delete the e-mail.