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WINDOWS 7 & OFFICE 2013 - Information Page


RHS Information Services is transitioning all divisional computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Office 2013.  




The rollout of Windows 7 to the division has been scheduled collaboratively between IS Strategic Integration Managers and leadership/areas coordinators in each RHS department. The transition will happen in stages by building or unit, throughout the spring and summer months. The goal is to get RHS staff using the new operating system and software with confidence and minimal disruption of workflow.

What to Expect

  • IS Technicians will be visiting each work area at a time to be determined and communicated at least one week prior.

  • Techs will physically swap each computer (or hard drive) with one pre-configured with Windows 7 / Office 2013.

  • Staff should allow about 15-20 minutes for techs to work on their computer yet plan to be available to login and test the computer while the tech is present.

  • The tech’s goal, before leaving the workspace, is to confirm each computer functions properly and that staff have access to Windows 7 reference material and all their files.


How to Prepare:

Help Us (As we configure your new computer)

  • Compile a list of specialized software you currently have on your XP computer.
  • Specialized software is anything that is not listed here:
    • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Project
    • EBS (Enterprise Business System) and SAP GUI, Mocha Soft for IBM connections, OPTIM putty
    • Web Applications like: RMS, iLiveOn Admin, DocViewer
    • Adobe applications: Reader, Shockwave and Flash  )
  • IS Technicians will be working with representatives in your area that will collect your list of software needs.

Prepare your computer

Follow these steps to make sure your files & browser favorites are not lost!

  • Save Your Files
  • Export Browser Favorites or Bookmarks
  • Back Up Your Outlook Signature(s)
  • Save Your Desktop Wallpaper

For details on these CRUCIAL STEPS visit: http://is.rhs.msu.edu/faqbook/preparing-new-computer-or-reimaging

 Prepare Your Work Area

  • Make sure your computer is accessible to technicians.
  • Please clean / clear a space around it. 

 Prepare Your Mind

  • Visit our Windows 7 & Office 2013 Resource Page: http://is.rhs.msu.edu/faqbook/windows-7-office-2013-resource-page

  • The resource page contains a reference guide and information about classroom and online training.

  • Information Services is offering Windows 7 Learning Labs every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday Morning throughout May and June.  Visit the resource page for more info.

Report Issues!

Thanks, for your cooperation with this process!