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Office 2007 Upgrade

Microsoft Office 2007 is coming.  As you may know, we have a variety of different versions being used by people.  We are now going to move everyone to 2007 and this is long overdue.  The needs are simple and the advantages are many.  Simplicity and standardization are the first things that come to mind.  Having everyone use the same version makes support easier.  It makes exchanging files amongst people trouble free.  That is the primary reason we are doing this.

Office 2007 has functional advantages.  The newly designed "ribbon" puts menu items in a more logical place allowing you to spend less time finding menu items.  The size of stored files is smaller saving space.  Enhanced collaborative features make sharing documents easier.  SmartART diagrams significantly improve your ability to draw diagrams and charts.  New file formats are now supported includind the ability to save your document as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document.  Outlook 2007 also has some nice new features though we aren't going to use that just yet.  Outlook will have to wait until Exchange Server is put into production later this year.

The upgrade to Office 2007 will be a self-service procedure.  You will find a new icon on your desktop to initiate the upgrade.  The process is all automatic from that point on and once complete, you will have Office 2007 at your desktop.  We will present the option to various groups on a staggered basis to reduce the potential of support bottlenecks.  We will complete this process by the end of March.

We are aware that Office 2010 will be released soon but we made the conscous decision that moving to Office 2007 now instead of waiting until 2010 is available and ready is the best choice.  Considering the small effort it will take to upgrade with no disruption to service, waiting isn't in the best interest of Residential and Hospitality Services.

For more information about this project, please visit: http://is.rhs.msu.edu/office2007