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Transaction Management

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Manager, Transaction Systems
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Transaction System Specialist

The transaction management team works to deliver outstanding Spartan Experiences to our customers through providing point of sale and access control solutions that are convenient, easy to use and accurate. Our transaction terminals and card swipes are used everywhere from the Residence Halls cafeterias to the Breslin Center to the Tennis facility to make it easy for students, faculty and staff to receive the meals, goods and services they want and need.

While we are most well known for our meal plan accounting and control capabilities, we also administer and manage the Spartan Cash program. Spartan Cash allows our customers the convenience of using their Michigan State ID cards for purchases at a large variety of locations both on and off campus, and in the surrounding community of East Lansing. This program has been a tremendous success in making campus life easier and more satisfying for our students as well as providing new and expanded business opportunities both on and off campus for our partners. One of our newest initiatives that we are currently working on is to provide Spartan cash payment alternatives for our vending machine partners, Canteen and Pepsi on campus. We expect to have almost a hundred machines outfitted with card readers for Spartan cash sales by the beginning of Fall semester 2009.

Another important initiative in the transaction area is the rapid expansion of card swipe security readers. With hall remodeling projects continuing around campus we have seen a tremendous growth in the demand for card swipe security readers which we administer from our Blackboard transaction installation.

We look forward to the opportunity to explore new ways to serve our customers and our students. We invite you to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have for how we might add value to your campus operations.

Please feel free to contact John Henrikson at 355-4598 with any questions, comments or problems. Thanks!!