IS Project Vetting Process

The information provided below gives an outline as to the steps that will be followed in order to vet all incoming projects to the IS department.

  1. Once a project idea is brought to our attention (either from a customer or internally), a service request needs to be created and it will be assigned to “project vetting.”
  2. Denise Ngubeni will send out a copy of our Project Proposal Information form to the customer.  This form will serve as a tool for gathering basic information regarding the proposed project.
  3. Once the form has been returned to Denise, the IS Project Management Team will meet in order to discuss the resources needed for each project.  This team will be able to move forward on some projects or gather additional information as needed.  If the IS Project Management Team is unable to approve a project, it will be taken to the RHS management team, the RHS Technology Advisory group or higher at this stage in order to determine approval (see IS Project Governance Chart).
    • Customers will be contacted throughout the evaluation process to be informed of status and to gather further information as needed.
  4. If the project is approved, it will be added to the IS project list, prioritized and resources will be scheduled accordingly.
  5. If the project is not approved, it will be communicated to the customer and the SR will be closed.

RHS Information Services Governance Chart

IS Information Governance Chart

Portfolio of  Services