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Frequently Asked Scheduler Questions

Q: My employee says they cannot log into the system.  What do I do?
A: Check all three of the following things:

  • Ask the employee to change their password at https://netid.msu.edu.   MSUNetID passwords must be changed every 60-90 days.
  • In the Scheduler Main Menu, Look up the employee in the Edit Employees section.  Make sure that the MSUNetID is entered in all lower case.
  • On that same Edit Employees form, check that the Status field is set to "Active".

Q: It was time-consuming. It took several days to complete the schedule as opposed to the normal hour to two hours it normally takes us.
A: Remember, you are learning a new process, and learning takes time. The initial data entry for scheduler is time consuming, but it will get better. We have been working with Tracy Time to automate much of the initial manual data entry.

Q: There is no flexibility with the scheduler system. Example, if people blocked off that they could not work until 10 am, you were not able to schedule them for the 9:45-12 shift without an override. Because of this we had a difficult time finding coverage due to class schedules. In the past, students have worked together, sometimes one would stay for an extra ten minutes to give another a chance to walk from class. This kind of deal is difficult to work with the scheduler system.
The system is very flexable. It allows you to split shifts to fit your needs. The best way to make sure you can cover your hard to fill slots is to start with those first. Look at all of the shifts, look for a time slot with the fewest people and then assign from there out. Students can still work together to determine coverage at hand off times between the shifts. Remember to use the Employee Availability Screen. It contains a lot of information on individuals schedules. 

Q: People were able to see their schedules as we were assigning shifts. As a result, some changed their availabilities so we got error messages, others started switching shifts before the schedule was finalized.
A: True. We will look into the possibility of publishing the schedule, but that will add an extra step.
          Please communicate with your staff a schedule for when it is, and is not appropriate for them to update their availability. Setting a last date for availability on an event is only only a guideline for an email (that most of you do not use.) We will add last day of availability to the student's event list, to help you communicate.

Q: It is difficult to construct the schedule with the way it is set up in 15 minute intervals because you are given a list of employees who can work each 15 minute interval rather than the entire 2 or 3 hour shift. If this system could be set up to show our shift times and who is available during the entire shift it would be greatly improved.
A: Employee Availability window is a valuable tool to tell who is available at any time.  It pops up with the Shift Assignment screen, and can tell you exactly when employees are available.

Q: In order to repeat the schedule for the entire semester, we must copy each day and change all the event information.
A: Yes, you must copy each day at this point. Even if we get weekly to work, you would have to enter a lot of the same information, and the screen would be long and difficult to understand. Until we have a way to manage substitution on-line, a semester schedule entered at the beginning of the semester is not likely to be correct at the end of the semester. Try working in smaller chunks, perhaps a month in advance.

Q: Having the student put their availability on themselves made it a lot harder to schedule everyone. [our location] has a limited number of employees. I think its a little easier for other complexes because they have a larger staff to choose from as well as multiple desks.
A: Some units do not allow their employees to enter availability themselves. They require that the worker bring in a copy of their class schedule and then a staff member enters it for them.
          Other groups require their workers to enter their time themselves, and then turn in their class schedules. The supervisor then verifies that the availability matches the class schedule. After the initial availability has been entered, any changes would be reported by email to the unit supervisors. If the proper supervisors are not recieving these emails, please contact Shellie Hubert or Matt Edgley on the Information Services Development Team.