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Card Transaction Devices


RHS Information Services provides hardware and networking support for over 50 Point of Sale (POS) devices distributed throughout the MSU campus.  Whether at a Sparty's convenience store, the MSU Dairy Store, MSU Union or International Center food courts, various concessions stands, or any of the IM Centers or many RHS dining halls, IS personnel ensure the efficiency and reliability of the machines handling daily consumer transactions. 

RHS also provides support for over 100 transactional card readers, such as Spartan Cash card readers, located on the MSU campus, including those attached to vending and laundry machines. 

Credit card terminals found in dining halls, concessions areas, and other locations are also managed and supported by RHS Information Services in accordance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Among other resources, RHS IS utilizes NCR POS systems, Sequoia Retail Systems, and the Blackboard Transact system in the provision and administration of the POS and card reader systems that the division is responsible for.